Fr. Federico Faura

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Fr. Federico Faura
Born 30 December 1840
Died 23 January 1897

Fr. Federico Faura [b: 30 December 1840, d: 23 January 1897] was the founder of the Observatorio Meteorologico de Manila (Manila Observatory). He also led a study on earthquakes in the Philippines.

Weather Forecasting

Faura was an innovative meteorologist using advanced instruments during the Spanish period to accurately predict incoming typhoons in the Philippines. Since the installation of the Secchi Meteograph, the Manila Observatory, led by Faura was successful in predicting typhoons earning sealing the observatory's reputation for reliability. They also released a monthly weather periodical, ''Boletin del Observatorio de Manila'', that was in demand in the Philippines and other Far East countries.

As the observatory expanded in different regions in the Philippines and the Provincial Aragon granted additional people and instruments for the facility. Faura's health started to fail. He died shortly before the installation a 19-inch refracting telescope would initiate astronomy in the Philippines. After his death, the street nearest the observatory was named after him.

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